A s  S i m p l e   A s  1...2...3
Step 1 - Finger Stick Test
Our simple finger-stick blood test has proven to be fast, easy and well tolerated with comprehensive results in just 10 working days using only 5 drops of blood. This test utilizes a unique next-generation molecular proteomic test that detects ​​​​​​​​​​​180 airborne, environmental and food allergies, compared to average 40-50 from standard scratch testing. Our global panel combines a 67 non-inhalent food panel, a 9 non-inhalent environmental panel with a 104 environmental inhalant panel, including insects, latex, penicillin, animals, fungi, grass, molds, trees, weeds, and more 
Step 2 - Prescribe
With the results of the finger stick blood test, the physician writes an 90-day prescription for Allerdent​​​® with 3 refills that is then sent to one of our compound Pharmacies. The unique allergen serum to non-food based allergies is mixed into Allerdent's OMIT Base to create the toothpaste for the patient to pick up at their doctor's practice 
Step 3 - Brush Teeth
Once the toothpaste is dispensed to the patient, they can immediately begin ​​​​​brushing away their allergies in 2 minutes every day!  Patients feel better faster because treatment begins at the maintenance level (vs. titrating up for 6-9 months as with injections). Many patients start feeling better within 2 months. The patient only has to return to the practice on a quarterly basis vs. receiving a weekly injections with finger stick testing at 6 months and yearly to determine response to therapy. The most clinically effective result is typically achieved within a 3-5 year regimen

Benefits to Child

Now introducing a test and treatment program for non-food based allergies that is not frightening! This safe and natural therapy is extremely effective and easy to implement. With Berry and Mint flavored prescription Allerdent tooth paste, they can now simply ​​​​brush away their allergies!Due to high adherent rates, treatment with Allerdent® is very successful.

Benefits to Parents

This treatment plan is the ultimate time and money saver. Other treatment plans, such as weekly injection shots (SCIT) or sublingual drops (SLIT) are both costly and time consuming. However, with the prescription Allerdent® toothpaste, your child can ​​brush away their allergies by doing something they would have done, anyway - while saving them time and money! 

Benefits to Practice

​Pediatric Allergy Solutions has created a solution to the national pediatric allergy concern. The practice will monitor the patient measured results through annual finger stick retesting with quarterly office visits and physician prescribed Allerdent® toothpaste that is specifically designed to decrease non-food allergies. With a lower overall treatment expense for the parents, the practice is able to retain and continue care for their patients.